December 21, 2015 11:04 AM CT Austin, Texas
Solaro Wine Group Featured at the United States National Concierge Association Annual Convention

Solaro Wine Group based in Austin, Texas, which operates multiple vineyards and wineries and whose International operations include importation and distribution, presented Wineries and Hospitality interests at this year’s National Concierge Association Conference held in San Antonio, Texas.

Daniel Dillon Erika Fritz

Solaro’s resident Sommelier and Wine Ambassador Daniel Dillon and Promotion Liaison Erika Fritz chaired an exciting presentation, focusing on the broad challenges and opportunities for wineries in the World Hospitality Industry. Solaro offered attendees insight into: increased attendance at events featuring wineries; wine as an integral part of advertising and marketing of private, and corporate affairs; the winery story; proper fusion of the wine lifestyle with fashionable and exclusive occasions; and maximizing profits though partnering with wineries.

Association members from across the Nation, who filled the La Orilla Del Rio Ball Room, at the International Center, near San Antonio’s famed Riverwalk, were treated to Reserve wine tastings and a spectacular video of vineyards and winery event spaces. Solaro’s presentation which concluded with a vibrant question and answer session, is being received as an effective bonding of the growing relationship between wineries and the exploding tourism and hospitality world.

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