The Texas Hill Country is famous for many things: the beautiful swimming holes, amazing caves, and beautiful hillsides.

Did y’all also know it is home to some of the best wineries around?! Not many people know that Texas makes wine, let alone great wine!

In an agriculture survey taken in 2014, Texas was named the fifth-largest acreage of wine grapes of any state in the country! There are now over 300 wineries in the great state of Texas, so it might get overwhelming when choosing one to go to! We made it easy on you and chose the 5 best wineries in the Texas Hill Country!

Most wineries put their best foot forward and compete in wine competitions all over the country, and Texas wines have done extremely well! Since 1984, Texas wines have won around 30 medals each year.

Check out the Texas Hill Country’s top 5 wineries!

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