What has been achieved, together with involved Solaro Members, in a short time, is remarkable. 2023 was another wonderful year in the life journey of Solaro. Our vision of a Member supported Estate Winery, where Members would share our lifestyle, reserve wines, a private and exclusive community with a rich quality of life, a place to feel at home with family and friends and private adventure travel across the globe, are now reality.

Members fuel: Solaro Texas wines equaling the best in the world, sustainable agriculture, land preservation, climate change research, viticultural and oenological education, and charitable contributions to many deserving causes throughout the year. With hard work and Member support, Solaro has again achieved “Texas Hill Country Winery of the Year” and “Texas Tempranillo Winery of the Year”.

“Not compromising in life is never easy”

If Solaro’s history is a window to the future, just imagine 2024 and beyond!

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