Holding Grapes in the vineyard

Every day in the life of a winery and its vintages is wonderful. However, one of the many things that makes wine supreme is that there is only one crush per year and the whole year is in anticipation of that exciting non-stop time that is the beginning of the wine making process for the year’s vintage.

In Texas, that time is now! Our Solaro family is continuously monitoring the vineyards since brix levels change daily and the harvest window is short. Equipment is being tested. Logistics for harvests, transport, and crush remain fluid. Calculations are ongoing for bin and tank capacities and barrel requirements.

It is this way all over the wine world but as a “hot” emerging wine region the Texas Hill Country is especially fun. Crush brings together our dearest friends in our wine community who are all working together day and night to bring in the harvest and make the wine. We are not complacent and Solaro is the forefront of proving our Texas wines to the world.

Aren’t you glad that you are a part of it!

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