Grape Vines with hills in the background

‘Wine travel’, ‘Vineyards near me’, ‘Local Wineries’.  These are all things that people look for when choosing a wine region destination.  Austin, Texas is a destination city for the world.  Southwest of Austin, is the city of Dripping Springs, and as its water tower proudly states, is the “Gateway to the Texas Hill Country.”  Solaro Estate winery and its vineyards are also making Dripping Springs known as the gateway to the “Texas Hill Country American Viticultural Area”.

At the Solaro Estate winery Tasting Room we host visitors from all over the world.  Every city would love to have local vineyard agriculture and Estate wineries like Solaro Estate to attract healthy, sustainable tourism and people to a quality of life and regional identity that vineyards and wineries can create.  

So, the next time you are contemplating a winery vacation, or your friends come to town to experience the Hill Country, choose local.  Hard working people who are passionate about the Texas wine industry and wine makers like those at Solaro Estate winery are making what the international Sommeliers are claiming are some of the best among the world right here in your own backyard.

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